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Best Famous Vedic Astrologer in Chandigarh Mohali Punjab


What is Aquarius?

Aquarius is an odd, male and stable zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is like air element and cruel by nature. The caste of this zodiac is Shudra and owner of West direction. Sacrifice and its distribution place is forest during Capricorn day. Saturn is the lord of this sign. Capricorn zodiac is more powerful in day and its variance place is forest. Saturn is the lord of this sign. The congenital of Aquarius are clean, fair, tall, good and attractive. They have some bad teeth but they are beautiful in appearance. Black hair and face are round. Some congenital of Aquarius have moderate stature as well. Congenital of Aquarius are reclusive. Patient, and hard-working, will power is strong and strong. 

   This would have been very sensible but there is some delay in explaining the matter to them. Once you understand this, then you pursue it with full confidence. Whatever the task may be, you decide with complete thought and consideration. Aquarius people character is very good and the nature is very serious. They keep thinking that sometimes in solitude they become absorbed in intuition, thus they have great power of intuition. Because they are of serious nature, hence their area of interaction is less. It does not like flattery nor does it have any effect on them. They stand firm on their principles.

    The society, in the meeting, do everything in a big way and people listen to them very carefully. They do all the work with great effort and try to understand the deep knowledge. Solitude is very dear to him. Sometimes his ascendant makes him of a saintly nature and he is called a great man. They have a sense of revenge. According to one opinion, these are the people who cheat. These congenital have siblings. Generally, they are elder in brothers and sister. Even they are younger brother, he also gets the respect like elder brother. It is generally seen that their siblings are rarely and they are rarely love them. If this zodiac or 11th house, which is the natural house of this zodiac, under the impact of bad planets like  Saturn, Rahu, Mars etc., then the father suffers and they face loss of money 

   They have great passion for good knowledge. They study hard and they get interrupted somewhere, but they become successful. They are very devoted to science. Specializes in occultism, astrology, instruments, mantras etc. The marriage is late, yet the marriage takes place till the age of 29 years. The wife of the congenital is dominate and smart. The first child can be a girl and sometimes a twin child. The wife also has to suffer. Children’s health is also not as good and they have to face difficulties and work hard to get success in his life. They have few friends. Permanent friendship with someone is rare. Those who seem to be friends from outside have enmity with them from within. 

   They are true to their love, but do not show it, so they have few friends. Trips are longer. They are feeling tired due to these trips and the benefit is less. If someone says something, they feel very bad. There are big fluctuations in luck. They have good link with politician and they are able to get benefit also. These zodiac sign people gets full help and money from father, these people go through difficulties and get a good place in the society and are successful in getting respect. 

   The people of Aquarius Lagna work with great diligence and are successful in any business. They work in government, semi-government or any institute and also get a high position. Aquarius zodiac astrologers, philosophers, teachers, professors, scientists, doctors, etc. are successful. Aquarians people get special benefits in the years 2,4,8,9,10,15,16,19,21,22,23,24,26,28,31,33,35,38,42,44,45,53,62 and in 65yrs, do important work like education, business, marriage, children, promotion, progress etc. important work. 

   This zodiac effect is on the legs, Blood flow, eyesight etc. are under their jurisdiction. They are afraid of sufferings in their life. There is a possibility of injury from the vehicle, throat disease, tonsils, asthma, cough, headache, blood pressure etc. Teeth also suffer many times. Saturday, 8 and 4 numbers will give auspicious results for Aquarius. Black, light yellow and purple color will also be auspicious for the people of Aquarius. Wearing blue sapphire is auspicious for Aquarius people. Yellow sapphire or Chandramani can also be worn for money and honour.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Aquarius: For the people of Aquarius sign, Saturn will transit in the twelfth house from the beginning of the year. So that your expenses will remain high, enemies can trouble you and the situation of debt will remain yours. There will be more family problems and obstacles in all work during this time. In the month of February, due to the communication of the Sun on this zodiac, there will be excess of anger and expenditure. Your health will also be soft at this time. There is a possibility of change in work-business during this time. You will feel differences with father and lack of cooperation during this time. In the month of March, due to the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter on this zodiac, one will have to work very hard to give shape to new plans and works. Success will be achieved after some obstacles in government work.

You will experience mental peace due to some auspicious work in the house. In the month of April, due to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on this zodiac, the income will be less and the expenses will be more. There will also be a fear of getting hurt in an accident. Due to the presence of Saturn in this sign, there will be obstacles in the work done, the condition of health and stress will remain. You will not be able to get profit in business in spite of futile running. In the month of May, due to Venus being in its exalted sign, you will get sudden monetary gains and you will get good profits in business. Luck will fully support you this time. Yoga’s are made at this time for buying a new vehicle and land. Your body will be healthy at this time and your self-confidence will increase at this time.

In the month of June, due to the presence of Mars and Saturn in the ascendant, the situation will remain somewhat confused. Despite getting good business benefits, the mind will be disturbed, anger will increase, more disputes with brothers, money will be spent, and more body pain and family problems will increase. There are chances of some changes in business at this time. Due to retrograde Saturn in the month of July, there are chances of having more domestic problems. Moving in the twelfth house of Saturn, expenses may increase more at this time. Income will be less and unnecessary expenses will be more. Obstacles in the work being done at this time and the situation of debt can trouble you at this time. A hasty decision in the month of August can prove to be harmful for you. Do not trust anyone during this time as there will be chances of you being deceived by a particular person at this time. Your inclination will be more in religious activities. You will have to struggle more at this time to complete a particular task.

Due to the stay of Mercury in the eighth house in the month of September, your self-confidence will be good and you will get good money and you will get success in all your endeavours. You can get good news from children at this time. If you are not married, then at this time there are complete chances of getting married. In the month of October, due to the conjunction of Sun and Venus in the eighth house, there are chances of getting good profit in business, but health will not be good for you at this time. Stomach related problems can bother you. Good yoga’s are made at this time for buying a vehicle and building a house. Due to the presence of Sun and Ketu in the fateful place in November, the situation will remain tense, at this time you may have to face more problems. Luck will not support you and your work may get spoiled.

Inclination in religious activities and expenditure of money will be more at this time. Due to the conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus in the tenth house in the month of December, you will get success in political work at this time. You will also get victory in court cases at this time. There will be opportunities for money and progress and you will get benefits from higher officials at this time. Efforts to give work form to any new work will be beneficial.