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What is Capricorn?

Capricorn is an even, female by nature and variable zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is an earth element and nature is benign. This zodiac sign is an owner of south direction. Capricorn zodiac caste is Vaishya and the color is black. Capricorn is the more powerful at night and its variance place is the land. Its effect is dry and the sign is crocodile. The lord planet of this zodiac is Saturn, Mars is the one who gives high positive result in this zodiac, and the Jupiter is the one who gives low result. These people are thin and grow slowly. They grows tall as they grows younger. The body of this zodiac sign people is thin and not particularly beautiful. The body is long, thin and the body is not organized. 

   The hair is thick black and the knees are generally weak. Dear this discipline, some arrogant, think and do things about themselves, and do every work slowly but carefully with caution. They look at every job from a business point of view. Do the work lightly and in your own way slowly and patiently. They make a decision only after thorough thinking. The stamina is high and the strength of the organization is good. These person are less optimistic. They are calm, tolerant, deep thinking and hungry for power. They are obedient and loyal but do not show it off. They know the tricks of politics and do a lot of things for their benefit and turn around. There is enthusiasm in nature but they also get into anger and quarrel. 

   Their willpower is strong. They are equally adept at multiple tasks but in these people lack of true characterization. They rarely do work without thinking. They don’t have lack confidence but according to one opinion they are also cowardly and timid. If there is auspicious effect on the lagna and lagna owner (first house) and there is no inauspicious effect, then these person are honest, loyal, and reliable, does not become lazy and they keeps working hard but If there is bad influence on 1st house (lagan) or owner of 1st house, the people become dishonest, selfish, greedy, stingy, lazy and extremely pessimistic. 

   These people are of old thoughts. There are difficulties and obstacles in life but they do not worry about the problem. They do not leave the work that they put their hands in until it succeeds. These individuals have similar siblings and the elder brother of the person is usually. The brothers help them, though they rarely respond. They do study a lot. They are tolerant and studious. There are difficulties and hindrances in studies, but if they persevere with patience and courage, then they become successful. They have fear from enemy and do not become more friends soon. But with whom they become friends. Friends prove helpful. Marriage is late and the wife is beautiful and very clever, agile.

  They are good husbands and rarely show off their love. Discipline is preferred at home or office everywhere. People’s durables are put into their practical life and happiness. Children are not many but the first child is usually a girl. Due to their disciplined behaviour and depressed nature, children are not as active, agile, but if there is an auspicious effect in the 5th house then children are agile. These zodiac sign people are successful in controlling major organizations, heads of offices and factories, teachers, professors, teachers, jobs in government or industries, oil, mines, machines, engineers and scientist. Capricorns 1,4,8,9,15,16,17,19,21,22,24,25,26,31,32,35,37,39,40,44,45,46,53,54,55,58,62 and 64yrs are important years for education, marriage, business, promotion, progress, travel, children etc. happen.

    There are trips, but there are obstacles. There is a fear of accident in the first phase of life and also very sick. Capricorn zodiac sign people face a problem like Arthritis, joint pain, gas, digestive power is disturbed. They remain in illusion without any reason. Weak eyesight or eye disorders can also occur. If there are no bad planets in 2, 6,8,12 houses in the horoscope, then far / near sight is good. For Capricorn people, Saturday is auspicious, color black and number 8 is auspicious. The number of 1and 4 is also very important in the life of these congenital. It is auspicious for Capricorn people to wear blue Sapphire stone in gold on Saturday in the middle finger.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Capricorn: For the people of Capricorn, from the beginning of the month, Saturn being in the Ascendant with Mercury will cause problems in business, stress, money related problems and differences with family. There will be financial problems and family differences in the month of February as well. Expenditure on unnecessary work will continue to become a means of sustainable income in spite of obstacles. Due to the conjunction of Mars, Venus and Saturn planets together in March, there will be opportunities for sudden monetary gains and progress. But at this time you will not be able to get favourable benefits even after doing hard work and enterprise. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Moon in the third house in the month of April, there is a possibility of family differences and a difference of opinion with a close relative. Family problems will remain high at this time and there will be a decrease in valour. Despite working hard, you will get less profit.

From April 29, 2022, Saturn will enter Aquarius and will transit in the second house according to your horoscope, so that your financial problems will end. If the Sun in the eighth house is with Rahu in the exalted zodiac, then take special care of health. Keep it in the month of May, there are chances of progress in business, new business plans and good monetary gains. There are chances of starting a new work. Your self-confidence will be of high order during this time. You can get benefit from a higher official. You will get victory in government matters. Your family and financial situation will be good in the month of June as well.

During this time you will have a sudden journey, which will benefit you. A new project can be found from the government side. If you have been looking for a government job for a long time, then at this time your search will be over and your hard work will pay off. Will bring in the month of July, the Sun will be in the sixth house. The Moon being in the seventh house in its own house will get the marriage related work completed and the Sun being in the sixth house, you will get victory in court matters at this time. You will get freedom from debt at this time and your body will be healthy. After July 12, Saturn will be retrograde. So that brother, you will be prone to stress, anger and mental stress in relations with your brothers.

You may suffer from headache during this time. Domestic problems, high expenses and even after a lot of struggle, monetary gains will be less. Will stay in the month of September, with Mercury in your own house in the tenth house, your contacts with new people will increase and your contacts with political and high officials will be good at this time, which will help you in your business. Luck will support you fully at this time due to the presence of Sun in the luck place and you will get success in all your endeavours at this time. You will increase in might at this time and you will also get complete family happiness at this time. In the month of October, there will be an increase in the means of land, vehicles etc. There will be an increase in the sources of income, travel abroad and any auspicious work in the planet.

In this time, any long pending work can be completed for you. Due to the conjunction of Venus Mercury, Sun Ketu in the tenth house in the month of November, you will have to face mental stress, secret problems, estrangement with close brothers and defeat in government matters. There will be obstacles and hurdles in the business sector as well. Any work done can be spoiled by anger and excitement. Due to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the eleventh house in the month of December, despite the sufficient officers of wealth and progress, proper benefits will be received. Bad works will gradually improve. Family atmosphere will also be good. Even enemies will not be able to defeat you at this time.