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Cat's Eye

What is Cat's Eye?

Cat’s Eye  is the gem of Ketu, meaning that its owner is the planet Ketu. In Sanskrit it is called Vaidurya, Vidur Ratna, Bal Surya in Urdu and Persian and Cat’s Eye in English. White stripes are found in it. Whose numbers are usually two, three or four. But the one with only two and a half stripes is considered to be of best quality.. It is mixed in four colors – white, black, yellow dried leaves and green. They all have white stripes on them. These stripes are sometimes of the color of the land. It is found in Sri Lanka in addition to Kabul in Vindhyachal, Himalaya and Mahanadi region of India. The information of Cat’s Eye was known to people since ancient times. Its ancestors were attracted, which still attracts people towards them. It is found in India, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Myanmar but Nathanial is considered to be the best found in the Mogovp location of Myanmar. Actually, those who have black and white aura, be clean and bearded, in between can see good white clouds waving or which have white lines, is the best. As bright and straight as this white stripe is, Cat’s Eye  jewel is considered as superior. Sometimes, instead of stripes on the Cat’s Eye, there is light, called chider, which becomes clean by rubbing on the chest. It is also considered a good and suspicious.

Who should wear Cat’s Eye?


If Ketu is placed in the second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, or tenth house in the horoscope, wearing Cat’s Eye  is beneficial.


If Ketu is situated with Mars, Jupiter, or Venus in any house in horoscope, then Cat’s Eye  must be worn.


If Ketu in the horoscope is with the Sun or sight from the Sun, wearing Cat’s Eye is considered auspicious.


If Ketu occupies the auspicious house in the horoscope, it is very auspicious to wear Cat’s Eye  if it is situated in the sixth or eighth position from that house.


If Ketu is situated in the horoscope of Ketu Panchamesh or the place of fortune, it is beneficial to wear Cat’s Eye .


If Ketu is situated in the horoscope with Dhanesh, Bhagya place or fourth place or it is seen by them, it is better to wear Cat’s Eye .


If the Mahadasha or spirit of Ketu is going on, then wearing Cat’s Eye is very beneficial.


Wearing Cat’s Eye is considered auspicious for the advancement in the things or conditions related to Ketu.


If Ketu is situated in auspicious or swami planets in the horoscope, then wearing Cat’s Eye (Vedurya) is beneficial.