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What is Diamond?

Diamond is the gem of Venus i.e. the lord of it is Venus. It is also a rare rattan. There are many references about diamonds in ancient texts of India. Meaning- what is a diamond, what is it like, where are its properties and defects are found and in which areas it can be used. Diamonds had been recognized and used in India since ancient times. Nowadays its circulation has increased a lot. It has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is known as Indramani or Vajramani in Hindi and Diamond in English. Cucumber is also called Ratanraj, because it is the best among other gems due to its quality, form and use. From a scientific point of view, diamond is the most rigid. It can neither be spent nor pulled by any other substance. For this reason, the light entering inside it returns completely, that is, there is complete reflection of light. Therefore, the brightness of diamonds is higher than other gemstones. Since ancient times, the desire to acquire knowledge about diamonds remains awake in the human heart.

Who should wear Diamond?


Diamond is a poison destroyer. Those who roam in the forest or who are often brought up by the animal of the world must wear a diamond.


. Women or men who have ghosts or fears of ghosts must wear diamonds.


Those who are weak in sexual intercourse or work worm, which do not cause satisfaction to the wife, must wear a diamond. It also removes weakness.


If there is discord between husband and wife in someone’s house, then diamond should be worn.


. If Venus is the lord of auspicious sentiments in a person’s horoscope, then he should wear a diamond if he is situated in the 6th or 8th house.


If there is a merchant agent, who often has to meet many people or who want to subdue a lover or girlfriend, they will definitely benefit from wearing a diamond.


If there is a difference of Venus in the Mahadasha of any planet, then wearing a diamond is extremely beneficial.


Diamond is also worn to increase strength and work desire.


People with Libra or Taurus ascendant should also wear diamond.