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What is

Emerald (panna) ranks among the big three stone in the world of gem stone. its is green colour,high precious gems stone of the beryn minral family. its is one of the most reputaed gem stone in vedic astrology . Emrolled (Panna) is called Rattan of the planet Mercury its lord is Mercury. The emerald is smooth, translucent and hard. It is difficult to get pure. Such emeralds are worth more than pure natural rubies and diamonds. If a person’s eyes get tired of looking at something, then they are refreshed by the emerald. It is a soft, soft rattan.

Different languages ​​have different names. In Sanskrit it is called emerald, in Hindi and English. It is popular among people since about 4000 years ago. From the point of view, emerald granite is made by mixing with leaves of magnetite wedge. The history of the emerald is very ancient, that is, 4000 years old. According to rattan experts and historians, in ancient times the eating of emeralds was mostly located in the upper part of Egypt.

Who should wear Emerald?


Mercury is Ratna Panna and Mercury is the lord of Gemini. Hence it is best to wear emerald for Gemini ascendant. It has all-round benefits.


Emerald is also beneficial for Virgo ascendant, because Mercury is the lord of Virgo ascendant and emerald gemstone.


If Mercury is in the sixth and eighth house in a person’s horoscope, then wearing emerald is beneficial for him.


If Mercury in the horoscope is located in Pisces, then wearing emerald is extremely beneficial.


Wearing Emerald is considered to be welfare if Mercury is placed in the ninth house after being beneficial.


. If Mercury is the lord of the best house, it is in the eighth position with its own house, then Emerald (Panna) must be worn.


Wearing Emerald is beneficial if the Mahadasha of Mercury is going on.


If Mercury in the horoscope is the lord of the best house- 2,3,4,5,7,9,10 or 11 and is situated in the sixth position from its house, the emerald is very good.


If Mercury is located with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, wearing emerald is considered auspicious.


If there is sight of enemy planets on Mercury then Emerald must be worn.