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What is Leo?

Leo sign is odd, male, fixed and fire element. Nature is cruel and indicates the east direction. Aakriti Singh is a male symbolic Chin. Sun is the lord of this sign. The personality is brilliant and domineering, the forehead is wide and average in height. Their body is strong and bones are strong. The shoulders are full and the stacks are strong. Eyes are bright and eyesight is good. The colour wheat and hair on the head are short. Their health is strong.

The people of Leo zodiac are lending, fearless self-respecting, sure-witted, courageous, enthusiastic, high-spirited, patient, ambitious, affectionate, kind, loyal, and have great punctuality of duty. These good managers are firm on their views. Their heart is large and they are happy by helping others. There is a lot of feeling of gratitude, public interest service, instead of which they do not want anything. To achieve our goal, go with strong intention and strength. They adopt the right way to achieve the goal. Anger comes quickly, but you do not want to kill someone internally. Revenge evil in goodness. He wants to expedite everything and asks others to do the same. They have full potential to be leaders and are judicious. They are stunning and the enemy hates them and they are the ones to defeat the enemies. Due to the impressive personality, strong voice, it can be recognized in the house, club, society, party, and office. If anyone helps the lord of Leo zodiac, he gives full help on the appropriate occasion. ‘Aaram Hai Haram’ is his complete faith. They do the work with complete dedication and diligence. If there is an uproar in the moments of rest, they become angry.

The lions of the zodiac sign make a happy, flattering form. The people of Leo zodiac go to Pingal after hearing the praise, flattery and praise of their praise. If you look tough from above but inside, there is complete, true affection and love. They have a lot of vitality and courage and fearlessness are more, if someone suppresses them due to any reason, then they are confronted soon and are successful. Their views are just and want justice done to them.

Friends are many, but there is less profit from friends. The saying ‘put me in the river’ is a complete reflection on these Stop enemies always eat mouth. They are also pioneers in the field of studies. The studies are conducted up to a higher level. His passion is in medical, science and managerial studies. Get high technical education. Love, affection, friendship are permanent. Family and siblings want to have this close relationship but they do not deal well with them, so Nifty is rare.

There is always a mess in marriage. Marital happiness is rare, due to inequality in the thoughts of the book spouse, life is always disturbed. If the lion sign is said and every command is accepted with emotion then peace prevails. And there is a feeling of happy moments in an obsessed life. A foreign woman’s passion always delivers honey, which usually happens during her lifetime. Children are less. There is definitely a son. When the son grows up, the father’s father’s differences are common. The child usually follows the child. Singh Jataka contributes little. He becomes the head of institutions by his ability. If in a government job, then you get a high position. They usually speak less and do more work. They receive high authority. They also receive respect and honour.

High leaders, political, ministerial ministers, buying and selling of precious metals, jewellers, high posts, government jobs, governmental, directors, engineering, doctors, surgeons, military, medical departments, become the leaders of a particular operation. They are fond of gambling and betting. Generally, they do not consume alcohol, but many times they like to consume alcohol.

The financial condition is very good. Spend a lot of money for favours, spend on new things. Of course, the financial situation is messy, but they have full respect. Although the bungalows are many and the comfort items are also complete but the benefits are less. 1, 4, 78, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 42, 45, 46, 48,   52, 54, 57, 58, 60, 61years of age: Important events, education, marriage, children, business, job, promotion and many events for friends and friends.

There are chances of gout, spasm, kidney, urinary disorder, accident, bone fracture, poor eyesight in old age, heart disease, stomach disorder, indigestion, stomach gas, haemorrhoids, body flames, headache, cold, etc. The vitality of lions is powerful, but if ill, then it takes time to recover. On Sunday, orange, golden colour and a number of 1 are auspicious. The number of 2, 4, 7 affects. Yellow colour is also auspicious for Leo Jataka. Wearing gemstones ruby ​​8:15 in gold or copper is auspicious.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Leo: For the people of Leo zodiac, from January 14 to February 13, the zodiac lord Sun will be in Capricorn zodiac. Useless races, excess of expenditure, estrangement with friends, health related problems will be more. Your self-confidence will also decrease during this time. Due to the full vision of the Guru on the Ascendant, despite the difficulties, the means of subsistence income will continue to be created.

From February 13 to March 15, the Sun will be in Aquarius. Due to the sight of Mars and Sun, there will be an increase in effort, but with anger and excitement, any work being done can be spoiled. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Mars, victory over enemies will be achieved. From March 15 to April 14, the Sun will be in Pisces. The body will remain sluggish at this time due to the Sun being in the eighth house. Be alert from enemies at this time. The loan position will remain the same at this time. There will be chances of contact with high eminent people and increase in fortune.

From April 14 to May 15, the Sun will be in Aries. By staying in its exalted sign, the self-confidence will increase. In this time you will get victory over the enemy. The problem of headache may remain with you at this time. You will get good profit at this time in business. If you do a job, then at this time good chances of your promotion are made. From May 15 to June 15, the Sun will remain in Taurus. Due to the presence of Mercury in the house of Sun and Venus, there will be an inclination towards religion and spirituality. Money will be spent on auspicious and auspicious works. The mind will remain restless and dissatisfied due to the sight of Saturn.

At this time you will have to face failure in government work. From June 15 to July 16, the Sun will be in Gemini. This time will be good for the condition of your business. You will get success in this time with a well thought out plan and a new business can start at this time. You can get good news from children at this time. From July 16 to August 17, the Sun will remain in Cancer.

Your expenses will be more in time. You may also have to face health-related problems during this time. You may suffer from enemies at this time. Debt situation can power you up at this time. You will spend more on amenities at this time. From July 16 to August 17, the Sun will be in Leo. This time will increase your self-confidence. You will get success in all your endeavours during this time. You will get success in political work at this time and you will also win in court cases. From August 17 to September 17, the Sun will be in Virgo. In this time, the means of income will increase and all the problems related to money will be removed. There will also be a plan to invest money in some new work.

There will be an increase in respect, money, profit and the source of income will increase. From September 17 to October 17, the Sun will remain in Libra, which is the debilitated sign of the Sun. Obstacles in the work being done during this time, there will be tension in family life. Due to the retrograde aspect of Mars, business troubles will also remain high during this time and there may be an atmosphere of discord in the house. Enemies will be heavy on you this time. From October 17 to November 16, the Sun will remain in Scorpio. In this time, you will have less troubles and you will get some success in stopped works. During this time, you may remain suffering from some hidden concern and enemies may try to harm you. From November 16 to December, the Sun will be in Sagittarius. With the Sun being in the fifth house, you can get good news from children at this time. You will get complete happiness of children at this time. If you are a student then you will get success in the examination at this time.