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What is Libra?

Libra: In the year 2022 from 24th January till end of the year, the effects of Saturn’s shadow on this zodiac will cause more conflict, money loss, stress etc. inauspicious results. Work will face obstacles and economic complications. From June 18 to the end of the year, Saturn’s 7th and 8th vision of Mars will increase the excitement, tension and anger in health. Since from the beginning of year Venus in the 4th house for Libra zodiac sign, the idea of acquiring new vehicles and land property will be formed. By being Venus in 5th house from 9th January, chances of money gain and progress will be made. But from 24th January onwards, the stress and unexpected expenses will increase due to the Saturn bad effect on this zodiac sign.

    In the beginning of February, Venus will be in high resulting zodiac sign and visible by Mars in the 6th house from the 2nd February, despite the struggle, will become a means of sustainable income. Money will be more spent on rides, cinema music and luxury works. There will be fear of injury etc., take care. Increase in human dignity due to the favourable view of Venus on Libra zodiac sign in March will suddenly pave the way for wealth gain and progress. Some progress in foreign related works but only after obstacles will be successful. Beginning in the month of April, due to the presence of Venus in 8th house and Saturn bad effect, there will be mental stress, body pain, health problem and latent anxiety.

    Spending will be more and the household problems will remain. Due to Venus 8th house in May, the expenditure will be more for partial profit and luxury works in the business. Auspicious results will decrease due to Venus retrograde from 13th May, there will be Money loss by creating obstacles in the work done by opponents. Extreme running time, mental stress and expenses will be high. Due to the sight of Mars from the 18th, there will be secret anxiety and confusion in the family. Most of the time will be spent traveling or resting. Venus will still be in the eighth position in July, there are special views of Mars and Saturn. 

   There is also a sign of getting cheated by some close captives. Increase in laziness, health deterioration and waste of time will destroy more money and time. Venus luck in August will increase the means of income by hard work. There will be a stalled work, reputation will increase but with Rahu in it, some work will be delayed and you will have to face health issue. In September, due to the Venus 10th house and the shadow of Saturn, there will be more race and sunshine for livelihood, there will be futile confrontation with the brothers. The mind will remain restless and dissatisfied. Disorders in health, differences with parents and change of job / occupation will be formed. Being Venus in the benefit house in horoscope in October will improve some of the deteriorating work. 

   There will be opportunities to gain money by working and making effort. Money will be spent on luxury works. New plans to increase jobs and business will also be made after 17th October. Health problems due to Sun’s communication and Venus in bad resulting house in November, differences in family and excess of expenditure will disturb the mind. There will be turbulence in business, excess of anger and fear of injury etc. Daily work will progress in December, will become a means of subsistence income. There will be happiness in travelling etc.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Libra: For the people of Libra zodiac, Venus will transit in the third house in Sagittarius from the beginning of the year and will remain in Sagittarius till February 27. Being in the fourth house, Saturn will have to face obstacles in luck. Unnecessary mental stress, obstruction in all work, lack of strength, family problems will be more. There may be a fight with friends during this time. Expenses on material pleasures like health problems, vehicles etc. will be more. There will be an atmosphere of tension with siblings at this time. From February 27 to March 31, the zodiac lord Venus will be in the fourth house in Capricorn. In the month of March, by communicating with Saturn in the fourth house of Venus, there will be opportunities for change in domestic situation and happiness.

From March 31 to April 27, Venus will be in Aquarius. So that you are likely to get success in education, success in planned plans, happiness of women, children and ride etc. There will be chances of you getting good results in business during this time. From April 27 to May 23, Venus will remain in Pisces and Venus will transit in the sixth house. You will get success in all your endeavours during this time. Happiness will increase along with increase in income. From May 23 to June 18, Venus will transit in the seventh house in Aries. You will get success in all your endeavours during this time. Honours and respect will increase.

Along with the increase in income, there will be an increase in the means of happiness. From June 18 to July 13, Venus will remain in Taurus. Being in the eighth house, along with mental stress, your health will not be good during this time and you may have to face loss in business at this time. From 13th July to 7th August, Venus will remain in the lucky place in Gemini. Despite the struggling circumstances, luck will support you completely at this time and the means of sustenance money will continue to be made for you. You will have good relations with people during this time.

Yoga is the time to start any new work. From August 7 to August 31, Cancer will remain in the tenth house. Due to being with Sun, you will have to face failure in government affairs at this time. Happiness will increase at this time. You will also have failure in political work at this time. From August 31 to September 24, Venus will be in Leo. During this time, due to the presence of Venus in the eleventh house, there will be improvement in some bad work and increase in the means of income. There will also be a plan to invest money in a new work area. With the increase in the sources of income, the expenditure will increase.

From September 24 to October 18, Venus will be in Virgo. Your expenses will be high during this time. Family problems will also be more at this time along with unnecessary expenses. Enemies can harm you at this time and there will be unnecessary tension in the family at this time. From October 18 to November 11, Venus will be in Libra. There will be an increase in religious work and social areas. There will be an increase in respect, money and profit and there will be an increase in the sources of business. You will get success in all your endeavours during this time. At this time you can also get high degree of monetary benefits. From November 11 to December 5, Venus will remain in Scorpio. You will be busy with some hidden concern during this time. There will also be chances of getting hurt at this time. Money related problems can also read you to face at this time.