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What is
Pearl ?

Peral is an organic white to blues gray coloured, precious gem stone produced inside the
body of living organism called ‘Mollusc’. This gem stone holed the strong astrological
significance in the Vedic astrology and is worn to pacify planet moon in the wearer’s birth
chart in astrology, moon grovern this gem who is lord of cancer sign of zodic. Moon is the
lord of the pearl, wearing it is destroyed the defects of the moon. It has different names in
different languages. In Sanskrit it is called Mukta, Shaktij, Indrataran; motti in Hindi; and
in English it is called Paral. The classification of pearls in ancient religious texts of India
includes Gajmukta, Serpent Mukta, Pisces Mukta, Dynasty Mukta, Akash Mukta. Shankh
Mukta, Megh Mukta, Shukar Mukta, Oyster are Mukta. Moti is very ancient in history.
Pearls are also discussed in ancient scriptures like the Rigveda. It has been a practice in
Rome since ancient times to look at pearls with reverence and respect.

who should wear Pearl?


If the Moon is with the Sun in the horoscope or is located before the next 5 zodiac signs
from the Sun, it becomes weak. That person must wear a pearl.


. The Moon lying in the center is light. In such a case the holder should wear a pearl.


If the Moon is in the second or sixth position of the horoscope, it will be better to wear a pearl.


If the Moon is in the horoscope in the twelfth house, in the twelth house, in the seventh house, in the fourth house, in the fourth house, in the fifth house, in the tenth house and in the eighth house, through such an order, then such a person should wear a pearl as soon as possible.


If the birth chart is in the Lagnesh Chandra in seventh house, the lord of the fourth house,  the Navamsh Moon in the second house, the tenth house owner Chandra  in the third house, and the lord of the eleventh house in Chandra kundli, then the person should immediately wear a pearl.


If the Moon is situated in Scorpio’s horoscope, then one must wear a pearl.


In whose horoscope Moon is sitting with Rahu, Ketu or any of Saturn’s planet, it will be extremely beneficial to wear pearl.


If one or more of the planets are visible on Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn on the Moon, then such a person should definitely wear a pearl.


If the Moon is low, retrograde or eclipse yoga is formed with Rahu, then wearing pearls will prove extremely beneficial.