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What is Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is an odd, male and dual nature sign. This zodiac sign is like a fire element and cruel by nature. The caste indicates the Kshatriya, Pitta Pradhan and east direction. This zodiac variance place is mountain. The lord of Sagittarius is the Jupiter. According to the experts in astrology, Ketu remains highly result and Rahu is low result. The people of Sagittarius are generally tall and have a strong body. Head is long, nose is somewhat long, clear color and fair, hair is black and light brown and personality is brilliant. Glow in the eyes is more than ordinary. The congenital of Sagittarius is beautiful. The congenital of Sagittarius is intelligent, honest, truthful, generous heart and good for others. They are courageous, fair-minded, hard-working, and ambitious. 

   They have good strength, enthusiasm and confidence. True men, rich and interested in religious works and are sensible in these works. They are also very good from the spiritual side. They solve difficult problems with their patience, satisfaction, courage and hard work. Before making this decision, after taking a lot of thought, only then take a final decision. They are believers of God and generally speak the truth. In this way, they also have to face loss. They become accustomed to worry about small things. And future worries and imagined sorrows haunt them. These studies are modesty and freedom lovers. They are interested in outdoor work and keep changing ideas. 

   They soon become angry and the next moment they also become calm. If the lagna or lagna lord etc.  Are affected by the bad planets. Then the congenital becomes treacherous, deceiver, and often lies. They pretend to be great men, cheat people and never play their words. Rather, contrary to them, they propagate their qualities very exaggeratedly and are sometimes insulted in society. These people are study modesty and have vigorous strength. The answers to the questions in the exam are spontaneous. If the Jupiter is in third house, then they gets Jupiter grace in the examination, interview etc. Remember anything or not, they become successful.

    They achieve higher learning, law education and religious education. Sagittarius is the dual nature sign and if the dual nature sign comes in the 7th house, then the marriage becomes a sum, which sometimes causes more problems and losses. Due to their truthful nature, inclination towards God and being studious, family life is very pleasant. There are few children and there is a son. Friends are more friends. They do a lot of favours on friends, but the friends give little benefit to them. From a friend, they fear loss and betrayal in life. There is a fear of enemies. Do not make friends quickly, but if you make, then you remain loyal. Trips are longer. 

   They often visit religious places and also travel abroad. They continuously feel discomfort in the journey. They usually elder in brothers, especially if Mars is in another house. The brothers obstruct their work, although they helps them completely. There is a fear of loss from sister or they are concern for sister, which affects their health. They progress through their hard work. They have strength, enthusiasm and spirit. People of this zodiac earned success in general, lawyer, sports enthusiast, horse riding, marksmanship, rich, skilled in craftsmanship, interest in philanthropic work, Kargiri, government job, judge, teacher, professor, astrologer, operating political and religious institutions, etc. 

   People of Sagittarius 1,3,5,9,12,15,16,19,21,22,24,27,33,34,36,39,42,50,51,54,55,57,60 and in 63rd year of age achieves significant success. There are important events related to education, employment, advancement, marriage, and children. There is also a possibility of throat, lungs, boils pimples, skin diseases and gout diseases. If bad planets have a lot of influence on this zodiac and also influence on the 6th house, then often these congenital suffer from shortness of breath and cough. Yellow color and number 3 is beneficial for Sagittarius people.  Number 6 and 9 is also good for them. Wearing yellow sapphire on Thursday in gold will always be beneficial.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Sagittarius: From the beginning of the year, Sun, Moon and Venus will communicate with this zodiac sign, due to excessive expenditure, mental stress along with anger will be more. You will have more financial problems during this time. You may also have to face health-related problems during this time. Disputes with brothers can happen at this time. Interest in religious works will increase and expenditure on religious works may also increase at this time. In the month of February, too much anger and excitement will be accompanied by futile running. Money related problems may also have to be faced during this time. Your mind will be disturbed at this time. There will be more family problems in the month of March, due to which you will have to face conflict situations. There will be a decrease in strength during this time. Even with siblings, there are chances of differences of opinion at this time. In the month of April, only after a lot of hard work, there will be a means of subsistence income.

From April 13, Jupiter will transit in Pisces. So that the circumstances will be favourable. Interest will be awakened towards religious work, but you will remain unsuccessful in your efforts and political work at this time. Mental stress, most of the time will be spent in entertainment, luxury or travel etc. You will get success in some well thought out plans in the month of May. Opportunities for promotion and monetary gains will be available. There can also be chances of traveling abroad. Enemies can harm you due to the Sun being in the sixth house in the month of June, so trusting others will be harmful for you. Unnecessary troubles may arise.

At the end of the month, there may be obstacles in important works. Beware of accidental travel. In the month of July, if Mars is in your house in the fifth house and the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the seventh house, you will get success in the business sector. There are chances of starting a new business and chances of getting good money and profit are also made, but during this time you will suffer from mental stress due to high expenses.

Due to the presence of Mars in the sixth house in the month of August, mental tension and unrest, family entanglements will be more. The mind will remain depressed due to debt situation and obstruction in all work. In the month of September, due to the presence of Mercury in the tenth house and the Sun in the house of fortune, luck will support you completely and you will get victory in all the works. During this time you will get success in government affairs and luck will support you completely. At this time you will be affected by your speech and attitude in religious works. You can get good benefits from father at this time. In the month of October, due to Venus, Sun and Mercury in the tenth house, there will be health problems and family worries. Mental stress will be high due to excess of expenses.

At this time, chances of being accused are made against you and chances of getting into any legal issue are also created in which you will not contribute. You will get success in government matters or court cases at this time. Your efforts will also be unsuccessful this time. There are chances of being mentally disturbed in the month of November. In spite of less rest and more work, the profits will be less. In the month of December, due to the conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the Ascendant, there will be fear of secret worries, secret diseases and accidents etc. Despite having good opportunities to make money, you will not be able to take advantage of them.