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What is Virgo?

Virgo is an equal, female and dual by nature. This zodiac sign is Earth element, gentle nature and south direction owner. The caste of this zodiac is Vaishya, color Green, Night Light and Binomial. The lord of Virgo is Mercury and it is unstable by nature. Mercury gives high results in this zodiac and Venus gives low result in this zodiac. Virgo zodiac sign people have a lean body, but many times they have also been seen to be short stature. Thick black hair, short eyes and sharp eyes of a Virgo people. Virgo peoples are clear face, color like a   wheat and move very quickly. The body is smooth and soft. They are very agile and seem to be younger than the right age. They are very agile and intelligent. Justified, kind and do everything with a very cool mind. 

They are thoughtful, intelligent and humble. They have full capacity to solve the problems. Siblings are somewhere but rarely with them. Due to inequality in thoughts and changing nature, family members get angry many times, yet they are smart and take the opportunity to solve their meaning. There are obstacles in love relationship. They thinks a lot this is why they fall behind. If the owner of 7th house Jupiter in a dualism sign then there are two marriages. Due to the nature, the marriage remains fine, but marriage done very late and there are quarrels. Children get happiness. Children also have to suffer. Fear of injury and illness due to falling from a high place of a child remains. One should avoid water, animals, trains etc. 

 The studies are of high standard. It is through their brain that they decide the destination of studies. If the planetary position is right, then they get higher education. There is a complete interest in science among the educated. Ordinary people love business very much and earn money from their intelligence. Success in life is rarely found, but with age, there is success. Complete knowledge in Mathematics. Painters, poets, writers, mathematics etc. are smart. Doctors, astrologers, auditors, journalists, teachers, ambassadors, assistants, secretaries, assistant nurses, staff nurses, pharmacists, accountants, lawyers are successful of this zodiac sign. 

Virgo is the earth element. Therefore, the attention of these congenital is more towards earning money and are engaged in collecting money. For Virgo zodiac, 5,9,15,18,19,21,22,23,25,27,29,32,35,39,41,42,43,45,48,50,53,54,54,59and 63yrs of age etc. are important. During these years, there is the possibility of having auspicious work like studies, marriage, children, business, job, promotion etc. There are many trips and struggles in life. Traveling abroad and the house is equipped with a vehicle. Although the congenital of Virgo have lesser diseases, but they remain illusion of disease. There is a possibility of digestion, stomach pain, gas problem, skin diseases, piles etc. Alcohol is particularly harmful for them. Special care should be taken of the stomach, liver, extremities and foreskin. If the Mercury is sitting in the sixth house, which is the natural house of this sign, then the wife of the congenital remains ill and the luck is bad. Wednesday will be auspicious for the Virgo zodiac. Number 5 is auspicious. 

The number 5 makes good with the rest of the digits but special effects have been seen with number 9. Emerald is extremely auspicious for people with Virgo zodiac sign. If 8.25 ratti emerald is worn in silver in little finger, it is always auspicious.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Virgo: For the people of Virgo zodiac sign, Mercury will transit in the fifth house from the beginning of the year. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn will remain till March 6. Will stay Due to the conjunction of Sun and Saturn, you will make future plans during this time. But in this time you will have to work very hard. Your interest in religious works will increase during this time. Father’s support will be good with you at this time. Your self-confidence will be good at this time. After a lot of hard work, you will be able to accumulate sustenance money at this time.

If you want to build a house, then you may have to face difficulties in that too. Chances of being deceived by a particular person will remain at this time. There will be unnecessary worries. Ideological differences can also remain with friends at this time. From March 6 to March 24, Mercury will remain in Aquarius. During this time, your health will not be good, there will be signs of obstruction in work and loss of money. You will have to face extreme difficulties during this time. The debt position will remain intact during this time. From March 24 to April 8, the zodiac lord Mercury will remain in Pisces. Due to the presence of Mercury in the seventh house, marriage related work can be completed at this time. Your self-confidence will be good during this time. You will get success in well thought out plans.

You will get success in all the tasks at this time. From April 8 to April 25, Mercury will remain in Aries. Due to the presence of Mercury in the eighth house, your health will not be good at this time and self-confidence will decrease. There are chances of loss of money in this. You may suffer loss in this business. After a lot of hard work, it will become a means of subsistence income. From April 25 to July 2, Mercury will remain in Taurus. By staying in the house of luck, spoiled works will improve at this time, you will get success in foreign affairs at this time.

You will get success in some new work at this time and your might will increase during this time. You can get benefit from a higher official at this time. From July 2 to July 17, Mercury will remain in Gemini. Due to Mercury staying in the tenth house, your inclination towards religious works will be more at this time and you will get good success in government matters. You will get good profit in this by buying and selling of land property. You can also get the happiness of vehicles etc. at this time. Mercury will remain in Cancer from July 17 to August 1. You will have to face failure in government affairs during this time.

You may have to face problems in business at this time. Your work can be spoiled at this time. Your mind may remain disturbed at this time from the side of children. Headache, pain in the eyes and fear of injury etc. will also be there. From August 1 to August 21, Mercury will remain in Leo. Your expenses will increase during this time. You may have to face health related problems. You will be afraid of enemies at this time and you will have to face defeat in court cases. From August 21 to October 26, Mercury will be in the ascendant in Virgo.

Your self-confidence will be high during this time. You will get success in all your endeavours at this time. There will be an increase in prestige. You will get good monetary gains during this time. During this time, you will get opportunities for good progress and good growth in business. From October 26 to November 13, Mercury will remain in Libra. During this time you are likely to lose money. Do not invest in any place or business of which you have no knowledge. Due to the conjunction of Mars with Venus, there are chances of accusing you at this time. From November 13 to December 3, Mercury will remain in Scorpio. Due to the presence of Mercury in the third house, there will be an increase in might during this time and you will be free from all your troubles. You will have good contacts with higher officials during this time. You will increase in might during this time. From December 3 to December 28, Mercury will remain in Sagittarius. By staying in the fourth house, during this time you will get good pleasure of land and vehicle etc. Good yoga’s are made in this time of buying a house or buying a vehicle.