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Best Famous Vedic Astrologer in Chandigarh Mohali Punjab

Our Clients

Rajbir Singh

2020-04-25 15:53:39

From the last three years, I’m a client of Vedic Astrology Centre  and through out the process i received very positive results from the  remedies advised by Pt. Neeraj Sharma Ji. I,here by, faithfully recommend Vedic Astrology Centre as one of the best consulting services . 


2020-04-17 15:34:59

Astrologer  Neeraj Ji from Vedic Astrology Centre is like a God for me. His honest consultations helped me during the major financial issues .  The predictions he made were  100% ethical & perfect . The place i am in today in my life is all because of him.

I highly recommend Astrologer Neeraj Ji  for prosperous & healthy  growth in your personal and professional life. Thanks a lot.

Kabir Singh

2020-04-12 16:50:46

 Thank you so much, Last month I finally got married with the love of my life.

Your advise and consultation helped me to gain my lost love.  You are one of the best Vedic astrologer in Zirakpur.


2020-04-12 16:43:20

Vedic Astrology Center is one of  the best astrology Centre in Zirakpur with honest &  fair advisory. I’m very grateful to you for the  instant remedies and consultation after meeting you.

 I finally got my Visa from UK!

Gurwinder singh

2020-04-12 11:57:54

Neeraj Sharma Ji is a good human being and my best friend too from the childhood.

His prediction is 100% accurate and always provide you with the best instant solutions !

Sumit sharma

2020-04-12 09:20:34

Pandit  Neeraj Ji is a  well versed astrologer who very well understands the concern of his clients and give instant solution for every problem of life . I  recommend people  to consult & visit him once for life changing solutions. 


2020-04-12 07:20:42

 I am very impressed with the vast knowledge level of pandit ji. He is practising astrology from the childhood as he belongs from the family of astrology background.  Thank you again for the help.


2020-04-09 18:38:42

Neeraj Ji is a very honest Astrologer. His readings are 100%  accurate and the upayas he provides with  are simple and easy to perform.


2020-04-09 05:40:16



2020-04-09 04:48:39

The best astrologer and each  calculation is very accurate. I believe in  Neeraj Ji calculation and kundali Reading .

I’m totally satisfied

Inderjeet singh Dhillon

2020-04-09 04:43:31

Good job Pandit Ji, keep it up!

Harpreet Bumbra

2020-04-09 04:33:15

Neeraj sir had guided me success over the period of five years and I’m humbled and grateful to him… He’s like a family member now

Sandeep Kumar

2020-04-09 04:43:31

Mr Neeraj Sharma ji, *First of all, I really appreciate all your help in getting my horoscope ready within just couple of days. I also sincerely thank you for the time and efforts you have put in to submit such a quality analysis of my horoscope which deserves applause to a great extent. One of your prediction turned out to be 100% true today and it exactly matches the date you have predicted. Thanks for working with so much devotion and dedication on my Kundali. Thank you for such a hard work and it was worth it all.   Thanks, Sandeep Kumar

Deepak Bhatia

2020-04-08 14:33:09

Everything about his predictions are fine and excellent.


2020-04-07 14:31:21

Neeraj ji is very humble, admirable, cooperative, intelligent, dedicated towards the consultancy taken in his hand. He is man of vast knowldege, talent ..


2020-04-06 23:53:30

Best astrologer in tricity area. I live in Canada but i always call him to discuss everything in detail.


2020-04-06 17:02:22

Perfect and always worth full..

Asheem Mangoli

2020-04-06 16:50:53

Neeraj Sharma is a very good and kind hearted person and he is a very gud guider too..


2020-04-06 16:26:52

Sir it was an amazing experience, all those things  told by you are true and when I do those things told by you it works for me a lot .I m really grateful to you . Thanks a lot Regards Karishma.


2020-04-06 16:22:24

It’s just you who gave me vision to achieve the place where i am right now.

Anil Kumar

2020-04-05 07:01:37

We all try to be better but what if the reason, strength and the direction is not known? The best part about the consultation was Neeraj Ji was able to point out the reason and then show the way as well to get better at it, including the inherent strength that we have. I am glad that I consulted him. Will suggest others too. Thank u Neeraj Ji.

Archana Kaushal

2020-04-01 19:47:28

Great experience…positive soul… solutions you provided helped me alot…one of the best astrologer in tricity. Thanks Neeraj pandit ji.

Vinod Nimbran Dr

2020-04-01 15:30:23

Neeraj Sharma is a young and dynamic Astrologer with a thorough knowledge of Astrology & science . His predictions are mostly accurate .In my own experience i also get surprised by his predictions . He is a thorough gentleman and down to earth , ready to help the needy ones . He is great Bhakat of maa Baglamukhi . I give him ten out of ten . My best wishes .

Priya bhela

2020-04-01 11:32:49

This is the great place to resolve your problems. Neeraj ji doing wonderful job always on the way U need … we are very lucky to have Neeraj ji as astrologer . We are with him many years ago till now and hope & good wishes to him.

Dr sundeep chander

2020-04-01 05:09:43

Spot on predictions. Genuine and trustworthy. Keep up the good work neeraj

Gurinder Pal

2020-03-31 14:58:03

Fantastic…Awesome.. Liked your site, your way of predicting things, and representing them. Nicely written everything. Be helpful always to others . People like you are very much hard to find , so bless us with your friendship and stay blessed…

Dinesh Sharma

2020-03-31 10:23:19

He is very professional by profession . The way of prediction is quite excellent. He is one of the best astrologer in tricity. As my point of view I got so many benefits and much solution for the obstruction of my life.

prince Makhija

2020-03-31 09:00:29

I have best experience with pt. Neeraj Sharma… In the eyes on me he has best experience in the field on Astrology.. Because He tells only straight simple path to solve our problems…

Ravinder Saini

2020-03-31 08:01:31

The best place to feel divine path where you get the answer of every question of your life and solve the problem that you facing.


2020-03-31 07:40:44

Very Intelligent and logical Astrologer. His predictions are almost 99% correct. He is a great and kind hearted human being who is always there for you. His words “Fikar mat Karo, Mai hu na” makes oneself so confident that all worries run away!! Be always like this! Keep it up Neeraj!!

Vijay Dogra

2020-03-31 07:22:13

Neeraj ji is blessed with great knowledge and wisdom beyond his age. Astrologer Neeraj Sharma is a man who studies, does research and is honest in is readings. His predictions are 99.9 percent true. Much appreciable and much recommended Astrolger in Tricity. He is blessing from God to help people with his wisdom and knowledge. I wish him the very best in his continued Divine Service to Mankind through Vedic Astrology.


2020-03-31 06:31:38

Accurate predictions


2020-03-31 06:29:49

Very knowledgeable Astro


2020-03-31 06:25:17

Very accurate predictions, Pandit ji is a great human being, very compassion ate and understanding, God bless you, and thank you for everything

Trivender Saini

2020-03-31 04:26:49

Thanks a lot for the guidance and facts told by Pandit. Neeraj Sharma ji. It really helps me a lot to get rid of my mental as well as financial problems. Great thing that I can say about him is that I need not to tell him anything about the problems I am suffering from, he himself told the facts about me.