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What is Cancer?

Cancer sign is even, female, variable and water element. The nature of Cancer sign indicates Swami’s north direction. The caste of this zodiac is a Brahmin, a color milky white and a wanderer in water. Its lord Moon, Guru gives high results in Cancer and Mars low. People of this zodiac are of medium size and sometimes small. Body and physical strength are soft, men are soft like a woman and women are more gentle and beautiful. The color is clear, fair and round. People of this zodiac have fun. The upper part of the body is somewhat larger and the lower part is smaller. People of the caste also become obese and belly bulge also comes out. Moon which is the lord of this zodiac is the lord of the hand constellation Moon which signifies the hands, thus their paw is very strong.

   People of this caste have great imagination. Imagination comes in very far flies; the mind is moving, variable and functional. They make every effort to follow the sacred ideals and rarely tell anyone what the mind is. It is their nature to build an air fort. Due to temperament in nature and mental condition, it is not enough for them to treat others the same way. Leaving one thing or thing falls behind the other and many times get caught in trouble by itself. Proficient in thinking, free thinking and many things. The woman is a hardworking, desirous of ruling and loves the house and children immensely. As the water starts boiling quickly, its natives also come in charge soon. Working under or together with others brings success and if you remain calm, you reach the peak.

    This variable is the water element amount. Due to many kinds of imaginary waves in the mind and due to change in nature, love relationships are not permanent and they are more emotional. Many times friends, friends, family members get screwed and they try to deliver harm. This house is the fourth house of this zodiac according to normal order, if Venus and Moon sit in it, then there are 2 women. Generally, its family life is good and pleasant. Due to Saturn being the lord of the 7th house, if there is no influence of good planets in the 7th house, the position of Mars and Venus is also not right, then its household life becomes the house of sorrows. It has been observed that husband and wife become lonely and husband and wife have to spend most of their life alone. They rarely gets along with her brothers, because the brother of Mars is a lowly fruit in it. Brothers are also less and sister’s love is not so pleasant and as already written, the natives of Cancer Ascendant give a lot of love to the house and children. They have good children. Sons and daughters are equal and tell them with great pride and passion about the attainment of their family.

    They are skilled and intelligent in studies. Get a high level of education. Scholarships are received and their name appears in the merit list. Due to the effects of inauspicious planets on this zodiac, there is a possibility of disturbance in studies, but if their lagging and hard work is not relaxed, then they earn great success in the field of studies.Trips are many and beneficial. There is a change of place which should be reduced. There is fear of friends in the journey. These people are big, fond of tourism.

    Achieve great success in the field of business. Efficient in business and desire for money remains in mind. They are busy in getting money. Most of the income is spent on children etc. Many times, they do not even obey their father. Government jobs, liquids business, judges, magistrates, traders of clothes, selling property and property, staff nurses, ministers etc. can also be made. If in the fourth house, which is the house of the Moon, Venus, Guru etc. sit in the planet, then the house is full of vehicles and every kind of comfortable stuff in the house. There is loss in playing cards, speculative horse racing. 2,4,8,10,12,15,17,19,21,22,24,25,27,29,31,35,36,42,45,47,49,51,57 etc. in the age years Incidents related to education, higher education, business, jobs, marriage, children, travel etc. occur. Special results related to research and philosophy emerge.

    Health is generally fine. Lung, chest, stomach, wound- worry of injury, worry without talk etc. can be troublesome. There is a lot of exudation of the mind, habit of alcohol and thus there is a possibility of stomach upset. The day for people of this sign is auspicious, milky white colour and number 2. 7–14 are also affected by the number of numbers. Wearing Moti Moon-stone 11 Ratti in a silver ring according to the Monday method is auspicious.

What Does 2022 Holds for You?

Cancer: For the people of Cancer zodiac, in the year 2022 from the beginning of the month, due to the sight of Mercury and Saturn, there will be problems related to health. Unnecessary fight, mental stress, trouble with government affairs and there will be possibility of loss by enemies. Some problems will be solved with the help of family. In the month of February, due to the sight of the planets Mars, Mercury, Saturn etc. on the first house, there will be more mental tension and anger due to the excess of expenses. You may have to travel during this time without any reason. There will be more excitement, anger in the month of March and the mind will remain disturbed at this time.

You will not get success in your efforts at this time. You will have more business troubles and stay away from fighting without reason. Don’t put your leg in someone else’s fight. In the month of April, Mars is in the eighth house, you may face opposition from a higher authority and there are chances of you being accused. You will get success in marriage related work at this time. Due to the presence of Jupiter in the eighth house in the month of May, financial problems will be more. Changes can happen in business at this time, due to which the mind will be restless. In the month of June, due to Mars in the ascendant and Jupiter in the eighth house, physical problems will be more. Financial difficulties, mental disturbances and family problems may remain high. In the month of July, Jupiter will transit in his house and Venus in the eleventh house in his house.

Your stopped work will be done during this time. You will get success in government affairs Yoga’s are formed at this time of buying a new vehicle. In the month of August, due to the presence of Sun in the ascendant and Saturn’s vision on the Sun, health problems will be more. You can get in touch with higher officials. There will be more family troubles. Business problems will also be more. In the month of September, luck will fully support you as Bhagesh Guru is in his own house. You will get success in some thoughtful work at this time. You will get success in stopped works in the month of October. Your married life will be pleasant at this time. Even in the month of November, luck will support you completely, but your expenses will be more and health related problems may also remain more for you. In the month of December, you will get success in any special work related to children. You can get the happiness of children completely at this time.