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What is

Coral or Moonga is the gem of Mars, meaning its owner is Mars. It does not originate from the mine like a pearl, but is found in the sea. It’s a popular gems stone worn to insure success in leadership role, sports, business and health, Coral also has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit, it is called coral, latamani, bhom ratna etc. According to ancient astrological scriptures, coral is a kind of botanical substance. It looks like a branch of a creeper. That is why it was named Lata Mani. The history of coral is also ancient. According to Brihadsamhita, coral was born from Tear Rajbali interim. Coral has been prevalent in India since ancient times.

Who should wear Coral(Moonga)?


If Mars is located anywhere along Rahu or Saturn in the horoscope, wearing coral proves to be extremely beneficial.


If Mars is situated in the first house, then wearing coral will be beneficial.


. If Mars is in the third place then there is a difference of siblings. One must wear coral to overcome it.


If Mars is in the fourth house in the horoscope then it affects the health of the life partner adversely. Hence, such a person must wear coral.


Mars in seventh or twelth house is not auspicious in horoscope. This causes pain to life partner. Therefore, such a person should also wear coral.


If the Dhanesh Mangal is in the ninth house in the horoscope, the lord of the fourth house is situated in the eleventh house or the lord of the fifth house is situated in the twelth house, then wearing coral is very beneficial.


If Mars is situated anywhere in the horoscope and its vision is on the seventh, tenth or eleventh house, then wearing coral will be beneficial.


If Mars is situated in the sixth eighth or twelth house in the horoscope, then it will be beneficial to wear coral.


If Mars is with the moon, wearing this rattan strengthens the economic situation.