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What is Onyx?

Onyx is considered to be the gem of Rahu i.e. its lord Rahu. It has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is named Zarkon and in Hindi also called Zarkon in English. Its color is similar to yellow urine. Along with this, the brunette looks like a mixed honey freckle. It is usually found on the banks of the Indus River, China and other Arab countries. From a scientific point of view it is a stone. It is an opaque as well as opaque form which is most attractive in dark colors. It is also found in bad and sky colors. In history, Acharya Varaha Mishra has given a light on the basis of Puranic tradition in relation to the original ‘Brihad Samhita’ in Rattan origin. According to him, the contrast of Datyaraj Bali, which fell in the northern part of the snow mountain, gave birth to Onyx. According to another legend, onyx originated from Datyaraj Bali’s Maida. Hence onyx is an ancient gem. Not only India, many countries in the world had its identity since ancient times. It is found in countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, India, South Africa etc., but the onyx of Sri Lanka and India is considered good. ‘ Rasendra Chudamanikar has said that the color of cow’s fat ie light color is the best onyx. It has an aura of cow urine. It is smooth, clean, smooth, light and heavy.

Who should wear Onyx (Zarkon)?


Those who have zodiac sign or Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or Taurus, must wear onyx.


If Rahu is situated in the center place i.e. lagna, fourth, seventh or tenth place or eleventh house then onyx must be worn.


 If Rahu is in second, third, ninth or eleventh house then wearing onyx would be beneficial.


If Rahu is situated in the sixth or eighth house from his zodiac sign, it is better to wear onyx.


Even if Rahu is in the sixth or eighth position from his house, he should wear onyx as well. It gives good fruit.


If Rahu is of lower zodiac sign Sagittarius then onyx must be worn.


Rahu is the lord of Capricorn. Hence it will be auspicious for the Capricorns to wear onyx.


If Rahu is the lord of the best house, with the Sun in sight or with the Sun or is situated in Leo, then onyx must be worn.


Rahu is the chief of politics Marrakesh. Therefore, for those who are actively engaged in politics or want to do politics, this rattan proves very useful.