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What is

Ruby or manik is a natural, deep pink or blood red colored precious gem stone of the corundum family.vedict astrology recommend ruby to be worn for success and growth in businesses, job, social status, authority, self-confidence. Manikya is a very ancient gem. The best and purest Manik in the world is found in Varma. Apart from Varma, this gem is found in Kabul, shri-Lanka, banks of river Ganges in India, Vindhyachal, Himachal regions in Himachal and Kashmir. Manikya is actually Surya Ratna. Everyone knows that Surya Kaal is called the soul of man. This male planet is similar to copper colored, resplendent and lord of east direction. If the position of the sun is not right in the horoscope, then Manikya must be worn.

Who should wear Ruby?


If there is a Sun in the third house of one’s horoscope and his younger brother does not live, then he must wear Manikya to please the Sun.


 Sun in fourth place creates obstacles in livelihood, so such a person should wear ruby.


If the Sun is the sixth or eighth lord of fortune, lord of wealth or Rajasthan, then it is useful to wear beads.


If the Sun is the lord of the fifth house, it will be beneficial to wear ruby ​​for the sake of immense profit and progress.


Sun of seventh house is harmful for health. Therefore, it would be beneficial for such a person to wear rubies.


If the Sun is the lord of Ashtamesh or the sixth house in the horoscope and is situated in the fifth or ninth house, then the native should wear Manikya.


If the Sun is situated in the eighth position in the horoscope, then such a person should wear ruby ​​as soon as possible.


Sun in the eleventh house causes concern about sons and harm for elder brother. Such a person must wear rubies